Balancing Bowls

Balancing Bowls is the product of a slightly chaotic life, a need to make and grow things, and a love of creative cooking. I’m excited to share with you some of what I’ve learned along the way, with a collection of nutritious and satisfying recipes to bring variety and flavor to your table, help you save time and find joy in the process of preparing meals.

I try to embrace the “busy-ness” of life by not seeking perfection, but balance. Being a mom to three young kids, my days are one brand of hectic. But whether it’s managing a busy career, caring for an aging parent, an intense college course load, or a full social life, most of us know the feeling when there are not enough hours in the day. And then, we still have to answer the timeless question: “what’s for dinner?”

For me, food is so much more than just keeping myself and my family fed. It’s celebration and ritual, healing and health, comfort and happiness. With easy grab-and-go breakfasts and freezer-friendly dinners that can be thawed and served in 30 minutes, Balancing Bowls shares my recipes, tips and tricks that I’ve found can transform a daily chore into moments to savor and enjoy.

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We carefully choose the food we feed our family with their health and longevity in mind. I make functional pottery that becomes part of these rituals of love and caring.

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    Best Canned Black Beans Recipe 

    Canned Black Beans-12
    We make this black bean recipe multiple times a month. My kids absolutely love it. We pack it for school lunch all the time and we frequently use it as part of dinner. This is also a very easy recipe to make at volume and freeze portions of it for weeks to come….